Leroy Sané

In football, the worst things are excuses. Excuses mean you cannot grow or move forward.

– Pep Guardiola

Date of Birth: 11th January 1996 (age 21)

Club: Manchester City

Number: 19

Position: Winger/Attacking midfielder

Nationality: Germany

Lero Sané began his soccer career at the age of 5 for the youth team of SG Wattenscheid 09, a team for which his father played in his early career as well. 4 years later, he moved to Schalke 04. In early 2014, he signed his first long-term contract with Schalke 04, tying him to the club until June 2017.


Before the expiration of his contract with Schalke 04, Sané moved to Manchester City in 2016. He made his debut in a 2-1 win in Manchester Derby. His first goal came in a 2-1 win against Arsenal in the Premier League. Leroy Sané has been a key asset to City’s brilliant performance during the first half of the 2017-18 season. They have managed to win 16 and draw 1 of their first 17 matches of the season.


Leroy Sané took his time but has managed to coordinate with his teammates extremely well. Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva, the two who control the midfield,  have been able to play comfortably with Sané running up and down the flank. His explosive pace has shown its importance during City’s counter-attacks. He has managed to score 8 goals in 17 games across all competitions. Although this statistic may not seem insane, this is a commendable effort for a young player in his second season with a new club. He has made an almost equal number of assists for his teammates during these matches.


One feature that makes Leroy Sané stand out as a soccer player is his wide range of goals he has scored. His goals range from out of the box curl shots like in City’s win over West Brom to his skillful finishes like the opener against Crystal Palace that saw him flick the ball over the defender’s head before tapping it past the goalkeeper. His power and accuracy play a key role in helping him score such goals. Playing in the winger position requires him to act as a defender for his team as well. His tackle success rate has gone up from 63% last season to 83% currently. Pep Guardiola is a demanding coach who expects perfection, and Sané is definitely responding well to these demands. In an interview, Guardiola praised Sané by saying, “Sané is a huge talent and I can only congratulate Germany to have a talent like him.”


Leroy Sané’s performance, although slow, has impressed spectators and he has proved himself to be a reason for City’s success. His skills on the pitch and his ability to coordinate with his teammates are definitely helping City to perform the way they are right now.

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