Benjamin Pavard

Date of Birth: 28th March 1996 (age 22)

Club: VfB Stuttgart

Jersey Number: 21

Position: Defender

Nationality: France

There are two great things about the FIFA World Cup. The first is the huge number of people who show interest and religiously support the team of their choice. The second is the number of players who we do not see in the Premier League or the Champions League. Benjamin Pavard is one of those unsung heroes. Before this World Cup, I had never heard of him primarily because he did not play for a big club. I was focusing my posts on players who play for known clubs that I dismissed players who play for a club I haven’t heard of. After this cup, however, his name and game will be remembered by fans all over the world.


Although France had some of the best EPL and Champions League players like Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, and Kylian Mbappe, the entire team collectively contributed to their well-deserved victory. Being one of the best teams on paper and the second youngest squad in the World Cup, fans were excited to see their performance on the field. Unlike other brilliant teams on paper, they fortunately did not get knocked out at the group stage. Although they did not play as gracefully as teams like Belgium, they definitely did not disappoint their viewers.


As a viewer, one of the things I enjoyed most about Benjamin Pavard’s game was his versatility as a player. Although his position for his club and his country is of a defender, he was not afraid to assist his team on the attacking front. He scored, arguably, one of the best World Cup goals against Argentina in the pre-quarter finals. The goal was a brilliant long range shot that most experienced players have a hard time perfecting and almost all goalkeepers find impossible saving. The 22 year-old defender has not lost a single match for his country. He made running down the flank to help in attacks and rush back to defend the goal look effortless. His ball control and game sense were also a pleasure to watch.

Benjamin Pavard’s goal against France’s 4-3 victory against Argentina

Benjamin Pavard has gained attention from bigger clubs like FC Bayern based on his performance in 2018. His game was a delight to watch and I look forward to watching new, young players like him showcase their talent at Qatar 2020.

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